Fish Monitor is a custom-developed system that can control biometric variables and manage safety devices of all the fish farm through electronic controllers; further it can log all the collected data showing real-time status of fish farm and history trend of observed variables. The system starts from a base and then is developed standing to the requirements of the customer and the fish farm structure.

Typically the fish farm is divided in zones that must be controlled; each zone has a water oxygen probe and/or a water temperature probe and/or a water level meter. Standing to the values read and the setpoints desired, one or more devices have to be activated, like mechanical or chemical oxygenators, self-cleaning grilles, alarm lamps, etc. The automation is provided by electronic PLC installed in some spots of the fish farm and connected each other in a network. Further than this, it is possible to connect other probes like water PH, conductivity, flow meter, devices safety switches, other alarms, etc.

All real-time data (values, device status, alarms) is collected by a central device (usually an industrial computer or a touchscreen) that can bring to the user a graphical overview of the current farm status, so that anyone can immediately notice oxygen levels and faults of the full fish farm from one single point, and adjust working parameters. User can query the system to see a historical trend of the oxygen / other variables, to check if fish suffered oxygen lack or not.

The system can notice the user about alarms in several ways like alarm lamps, SMS, e-mail alerts or phone calls, so that a ready action can be done when oxigenators and grilles are not enough to restore optimal conditions. Further it can be provided access from external devices, so that a user can connect through a smartphone or remote pc and manage the plant as he was on site.

The system can be projected from scratch or in substitution/integration of previous existing system.

So we can mainly say that we manage:
- Oxygen, Temperature, PH, conductivity, flow meter probes
- Safety switches, water level alarms
- Central plant management with real time view and history query
- Alarm notification with local signalling lamps/SMS/e-mail/automatic phone call
- Remote management through internet
  • Available in: Italian, English. Other languages at request.