Datalinker v1.3 is a management system for fish farms that completes the hardware package installed on our feed distributors. It consists of a serial device that allows the interface between the data cartridge of the electronic scale and the pc, and a software that allows data transfer and elaboration on the computer.

With Datalinker v1.3 it is possible the consultation of a database that organizes all distributions made for every pond, in order to keep an eye over the distribution operations and distributed quantity.

Setting some parameters about fish structure it is possible to calculate the optimal daily quantity of feed for fish growth, to set the on-board electronic scale and avoid this way feed waste due to overfeeding. Datalinker v1.3 can further analyze history of pond and create graphs about fish growth and feed needings, further than creation of weekly reports on fish farm situation.

Through the function of data export it is possible to use data with your favorite management software.

System requirements: Microsoft Windows


  • Available in: Italian, English. Other languages at request.