Crane fit for fish farming. Equipped with a hot galvanized (or stainless steel) basket with door on the bottom, side folding trough hydraulic ram. Electronic scale with digital display to check the amount of fish during charging operations.

he crane could be linked to a tractor to be moved in the fish farm and to receive power for movements trought cardanic joint. Otherwise, power could be supplied also with an electric engine. The chassis has a front shaft to link the crane to the tractor and two feet back to the ground adjustable in height by hydraulic ram or by hand.

On driving place there are all levers to move the basket during charging/discharging and opening/closing operations and all levers to move the feet and the harvesting arm by hydraulic ram.


  • electric engine
  • hydraulic feet
  • electronic scale
  • cab
  • stainless steel basket

Technical data:

FC/1- FC/1S FC/2- FC/2S FC/3S
Dimensions 500x200x380 cm 540x210x400 cm 560x220x420 cm
Action range with stretched arm 540 cm 560 cm 600 cm