Self-priming water pump for cleaning tanks assembled on hot galvanized trolley with wheels and shaft. Equipped with electric motor 7,5 hp; stainless steel venturi-pipe for dirty waters, brush in stainless steel large 50 cm with wheels, brush in stainless steel large cm. 30, valve in galvanized steel with holes, floating flexible hoses sucking dirty waters, flexible hoses for discharging and accessories.

Equipped with the following accessories:

  • brush in stainless steel with wheels 50 cm wide
  • brush in stainless steel 30 cm wide
  • valve in galvanized sheet iron with holes
  • mt. 3 flexible hose for valve
  • mt. 10 flexible hose diam. 50mm for aspiration
  • mt. 10 flexible hose diam. 80mm for discharge
  • n.4 galvanized steel connections.

Technical data:

Dimensions 170x70x60 cm
Weight 72 kg
Voltage 380 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Driving control voltage 24 V
Total power 5,6 kW
Voltage max absorbtion 12,5 A
Engine turns 2900 rpm
Max. pump pressure 2,7 bar
Max. pump capacity 1100 L
Max. sucking pressure 0,6 bar
Sucking hose mm 50 10 m
Discharging hose mm 80 10 m
Clean water sucking hose mm 80 3 m