Vacuum fish pump for lorry loading assembled on hot galvanized chassis with feet fixed on ground. The pump has been conceived to automatically suck the fish from ponds trough two stainless steel tanks that suck and disharge alternatively self-regulated by an electric swichboard. Fish is separated from water trough a grille separator and thus sent into a container where previously has been sent a certain quantity of water. So the fish discharged in the container is weighted by a special electronic indicator with digital display programmable either on loading quantity ( with automatic drain of fish in excess) than on working times
This kind of fish vacuum pump is suitable when you want to charge and weight all the fish to feed a lorry tank in one time.

Equipped with:

  • water cooling pump to obtain vacuum
  • compressor for pneumatic movements HP 2 power
  • electric engine HP 7.5 or 10, volts 220/380, triphase 50 Hz (or different, by request)
  • hot galvanized water/fish separator
  • flexible sucking hose diam. mm 150 (at request mm 200 by request)
  • drain hoses diam: 200 mm

Available in different types:

  • for fish until Kg 1,5
  • for fish until Kg 3
  • for salt water

Technical data:

Dimensions 260x140x480 cm
Weight 1800 kg
Voltage (single-phase) 380 5% V
Voltage (three-phase) 220 5% V
Frequency 50 Hz
Total power 12 kW
Submersed water pump 2,2 kW
Hydraulic movements pressure 30 bar
Performance 15000 kg/h
Prevalence 7 m
Sucking hose lenght 7 m