Belt elevator conceived to transfer fish from the ponds to truck containers. Filled up by fish pumps or by hand. Produced in many models but here below you can find only two of them. Chassis built in hot galvanized steel adjustable in height and sloping, equipped with two wheels and a shaft to move the machine easily all over the fish farm. With silent electric engine and electric panel. Rubber belt type 200/2, closed as ring, with hot vulcanization cups.

Art.181 Standard:

Dimensions 800x122x210 cm
Lenght 7 mt
Weight 460 kg
Fish max. weight 1 kg
Max. discharging height 3.1 Mt
Min. loading height 1 Mt
Belt width 33 cm

Art. 181/C for carps:

Dimensions 900x152x240 cm
Lenght 8 mt
Weight 560 kg
Fish max. weight 3 kg
Max. discharging height 3.7 mt
Min. loading height 1 mt
Belt width 50 cm