This one is a feeder fit for boat to feed the fishes in sea/lake floating cages. Equipped with a stainless steel container capacity kg. 600 or kg. 1.500 or kg. 2.000 devided in more parts for different kind of feeds. Moved by a diesel air cooling engine actioning the hydraulic blower to spread out the feed into the floating cages (from 0 to 15 mt far-away) trough one or more sending pipes.

At customerís request boat feeder could be equipped with an electronic weighing system to check the food distributed, with digital display, possibility to state quantity to charge and discharge, hour, day, year, alarm for correct weight, pond recall, partial and total memory.

Possibility to have a cartridge to transfer datas from your PC to the weighing system and viceversa.


  • Electronic weighing system with digital display to check the feed during charging and discharging operations + cartridge to transfer data to/from PC.
  • Software program for data managing


Dimensions: 340x155x187 cm
Weight: 1300 kg