This tank has been conceived to transport fish inside of a fish farm from one place to another.

It is equipped with oxigenation internal system that suckes air from outside, little window to check quantity during sucking operations, cock to insert disinfectants, mechanical braking system and vacuum pump linked to an hydraulic distributor with 4 levers.

Fish is sucked trought an upper pipe diam. 190 mm placed on the top.

Technical data:

Vacuum pump with hydraulic pump Battioni e Pagani
Oil tank F330 350 mm lenght
Double drive filtre FLA 100/6
Sucking pipe 190 mm diam.
Axle 1600 mm
Suspension 9 foglie
Braking system Mechanical type
Pneumatics 11.5/80 15.3
Total dimensions 210x560x305 cm
Total weight 5000 kg