Art. 102/N: New Standard 4 lines of rollers, art. 103/N5 New Giant grader 5 lines of rollers. For live fish as trouts, salmons and similar.

They have stainless steel rotating rollers in shaped position mounted on a special chassis with three wheels placed at structure base that help the operator to move the grader inside of the fish farm. A special shaft can be coupled up to a tractor for dragging. Once decided the machine working place you make it stable and horizontal using the crank that moves front wheel up and down observing the position of the plummet on structure side.

At this moment the worker prepares the machine depending on production need selecting three fish sizes. This can be done spacing the rollers inside grader using a special device put on one side controlling the numbers indicated on the display and adjusting the machine bottoms with the levers on structure side. Sometimes water pump is not included (by request of the customer).

In this case it is necessary to connect your own water pump (self-priming or submersed) with the grader. Fishes are introduced into grader through a fish pump while the self-priming pump supplies filtered water too keep fishes alive and for their sliding into drain pipes.

In conformity with safety rules in force, and considering working conditions, machine is supplied with devices and protections. Machine continuous equivalent pondered acustic pression level is 68.6 dB(A), for this reason workers’ ears protections are not foreseen.


  • Stainless steel frame

Technical data:

Triphase supply tension 380 ±5% V
Single phase supply tension 220 +5% V
Supply frequency 50 Hz
Self-priming pump maximum priority 5 m c.a.
Number of selections 4
Rollers rotation speed 20 rpm
Lenght of suction water pump flexible hose 5 m
Lenght of water-fish drain hoses 1 m
  • Art. 102/N - Standard

Apertura rulli: da 8 a 32 mm
Performance: 3000 kg/h
Dimensions: 290x100x100 cm
Weight: 225 kg
  • Art. 103/N5 - Gigante

Apertura rulli: da 10 a 42 mm
Performance: 4500 kg/h
Dimensions: 370x145x105 cm
Weight: 425 kg