This is a grader with revolving rollers suitable for fries, little trouts, salmons, sea bream etc. from. gr. 0 to gr. 50. Body, rollers and frame are built in stainless steel. There are three wheels and a shaft to move the equipment all over the fish farm. With the special device placed on one side of the grader is possible to adjust the rollers and the bottom to obtein three different selections on the lenght of the roller.

At request, the Alpha III grader is equipped with a sucking water pump to feed the grader during its working to keep the fish alive and sliding in the discharging hoses. The grader is also equipped with electric panel and accessories.  It is very silent, accurate and fast. It reduces fish stress and cannibalism.


  • Made with inox steel for sea water

Technical data:

Dimensions: 195x74x106 cm
Weight: 195 kg
Feeding tension (singlephase) 220 V
Feeding tension (threephase) 220/380 V
Rollers minimum span 3 mm
Rollers maximum span 16 mm
Frie maximum weight 50 gr
Supply frequency 50 Hz
Total power 190 W
Performance 350 kg/h
Rotation rollers speed 20 giri/min
Lenght discharging hoses 1 m